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ats she has adopted, however, the more difficult things have become for her, and the misunderstandings among people close to h

to be the fi▓rst case of the pandemic strain in a feline in the▓ United States, veterinary officials reported Wednesday▓. The 13-year-old indoor cat was brought to the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State Universi▓ty last week, where it tested positive for the

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er have pu▓t her in a more embarrassing situation. Up until now, sh▓e has remained silent about this "job" to her relatives.To save cats, she was bold enoug▓h to stop cars.Xu Hong (an alias), 49 years old, lost her job 12 years ago, and has not gott

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en another since. Her house, which is located in Lianhua New Area, Jinjiang District, has become a fixed shelter for stray cats. On the afternoon of October 14, when the reporter followed Xu to her house, ov▓er ten fat and slim cats with different colors of fur gat▓hered around her, among which a mischievous one hugged her trouser leg. Because the multitude of cat▓s has left Xu's house a mess, there is no room to sit down. Despite this, Xu, who is normally quiet, called these cats' pet names over a▓nd over again as if talking with a group of jovial child▓ren. Xu said, "Cats can read our minds. In fact, they also ▓have feelings of pleasure, anger, grief and▓ happiness. They, however, cannot speak, so their feeling▓s are always neglected."One afternoon in July 20?/p>

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?3, Xu found two unattended cats when she p▓assed by a construction site, and was deeply affected by their helpless meowing. Xu immediately lifted up ▓these two cubs, who were about two months ▓old, and brought them home. Xu then spen▓t a sleepless night caring for them. She gave these two cubs milk and sugar every two hours, and t▓he two cubs thrived thanks to her care. Up until▓ now, one of these two cubs remains active among the ▓growing number of cats that Xu keeps.An Aus

tralian cat named Smokey survived 13 shots to the head from an air rifle and then found his way home after what police on Tuesday called a "shocking" act of animal cruelty.The nine-year-old moggy turned up on his owners' door▓step bleeding from his head last week, three days afte▓r he went missing from the family home in Maryb▓orough, central Victoria.A medical examination revealed 13 pellets lodged in his head and face. Sergeant Cra▓ig Pearse said it was remarkable Smokey ha▓d managed to get home after his ordeal.His owner apparently hadn't noticed that Socrates

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Department of Agriculture. "Two of the ▓three members of

was getting a little pudgy. As you can see from her face however, the vet's nurse realised straight away. At a whopping 22lb, the black and white heavyweight in Je▓nny Doig's arms is more than double the size of a norm▓al cat. The verdict, not surprisingly, was t▓hat he was simply too fat to move, pos

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  • ed from influenza-like illness before the cat beca▓me ill," said Iowa's state health veterinarian An▓n Garvey. "This is not completely unexpected, as other strains of influenza have
  • been found in cats in t▓he past." Both the cat and its owners have sin▓ce recovered. People can keep their p
  • ets healthy ▓by washing their hands, covering their mouths w
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